Pasteur is a Great Hero

This weeks scheduled post will appear on Friday.  But, I get way excited about putting up food.

This time of the year, I feel a call to prepare for winter.  To hunker down.  To stash food away.  I like the city, but I feel fortunate to live very close to agrarian areas.  When I get off the beaten track this time of the year and keep my eyes open I find produce bargains.  Produce for way cheaper than I could grow it myself, even.  For $9.00, I bought 100 pounds of tomatoes along the roadside (plus much more).  You can do this too.  People grow way more than they can eat or store.

For the next two days after work, I will be canning tomatoes.


1.  Set up an assembly line for dipping the tomatoes in scalding water, dipping them in cold water, removing the skin, coring them, and slicing off bad spots.  (these tomatoes had no bad spots ).  100_3669


2.  Mush about a quarter of the tomatoes up in your 13 quart pan.  When they are boiling, throw the rest of the tomatoes in whole, halved, or quartered.

3.  Follow your FDA guide for canning them.

4.  I really believe in following this guide.  I have seen people just throw hot stuff in jars, without processing the jars.  Risky.  Maybe you would eat it yourself, but think of the liability of serving it to someone else.  Follow directions carefully.  Pasteur is a hero.

5.  My tomatoes should make at least 30 quarts.  For maybe 20 bucks total, including new lids, and lemon juice.


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