My Summer Vacation

Stone House

The Stone House

Last week was my summer vacation. That is nine straight days from work, that I really needed. I knew that I could not leave town, due to a few other previous plans.
I put weeks of work into planning my vacation.

Here were my requirements for my potential vacation activity:

  1. Should not involve too far of a drive
  2. Nothing too physical
  3. Should involve some outdoor activity
  4. Must be cheap
  5. Should involve being around people
  6. Should be different from my normal daily life
  7. Should involve my spouse, and my doggy

In the end, I decided to sit out and sketch and paint watercolors for several hours every single day.  I sat in pleasant places, sometimes alone, or sometimes with my wife and dog.  I happily sketched, and exchanged pleasant greetings with passers-by.  I ended up in a very nice mental place.

I have never truly applied myself to drawing from life before.  But, I have spent a lifetime making art, and thinking about design.  I am happy with my rudimentary attempts.  I am pleased that I used a 2 dollar set of children’s watercolors with a free brush.

What a joy to simply sit, and see, and watch the world go by.

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