Envisioning Howard Finster

Before I return to my regularly scheduled blogging, I need to take one minute to plug my friend Norman Girardot’s book.

Howard Finster was a retired preacher from Georgia, who in his later years became a spectacularly prolific, frequently genius, self-taught artist.  In his unclassifiable book, Girardot examines Finster from the point of view of a scholar of comparative religion, but also from the point of view of a person who’s life was transformed by his interactions with Finster.

Norman spent five or six years on this book, and I am honored to have been a part of his book’s creation.  It is trully unique and insightful.

This is the book:

original coverThis is my spoofical version of the book:

officialcoverHere is the book at amazon.

If you look closely at the Amazon page for the book, you can see a picture of Norman’s face which I drew years ago.

By the way Finster left his own mark on my life, as well as thousands of other people’s lives.  We passed a banjo back and forth, while we waited for the pot of coffee to brew, and he called me a star-faced clown from heaven.  I am glad to see that he is still being talked about, 14 years after his death.

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