Feed Stray Cats

I have been participating in a discussion with Ellen Hawley, of Notes from the U.K., about the practice of feeding obnoxious wild animals ( Gulls, cats, bears, gators, etc … ) and the strange attraction that I feel about the idea.  I realized that the idea is nothing new to me:

Feed Stray Cats

I leave backpacks and coolers full of hotdogs and beer for bears in the woods.

I painted this sign in 2003.  It reads:

Feed stay cats.  Allow them to grow and thrive and multiply until they are a formidable presence in the neighborhood.

Feed birds and squirrels in the park. Feed gulls at the beach. Leave backpacks and coolers full of hotdogs and beer for bears in the woods.

I don’t know why I have such a perverse attraction to this idea.  In real life, I would never do it.  But I have this vision of myself as an elderly person sitting on the beach with bags of potato chips and hundreds of swooping ravenous gulls.

Now I have to confess that my wife and I do feed stray cats. I am already halfway to being a weird cat lady.   Ever worse, we know the cats by name.  But we get together with the other weird cat ladies in our neighborhood and get the cats fixed.  So all of them are neutered (Scruffy Ringtail and Sylvester and Jewel and Spikey and Grey Momma and Grey M and Grey F and Jasmine and Dash ).

So I guess that’s all right.

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