Sign Off

I have a friend with whom I share email correspondence.  Somehow, we have got in the habit of writing humorous closings for our emails.

This morning, I am in an exceptionally silly mood.  Partly because am excited about driving the neighbor down to Ikea in Conshohocken this afternoon.  I am the unofficial Ikea tour guide.  I don’t have any money myself, but I can go with a friend and help them to spend their money!

So, here is how I signed off my email this morning:

Giant, Car Dwarfing, House Swallowing, Earth Tremor Inducing, Stories on Great-Great-Grammas Knee Inspiring, Slumbering Bear Wakes-Up-Turns-Over-And-Goes-Back-To-Sleep, Even Public Charter School Employees Might Get a Haffa Day Off,  Aint No More Salt Left at the Store, I’d Better Put My Caramels In My Pocket to Keep Them Warm, Let’s Go Skiing, If I Was To Put Some Flavored Syrup On This It Sure Would Be Good In August, Sure Am Glad That We Have Marriage Equality Now So I Can Snuggle Up With My Wife, Igloo Igloo Igloo Igloo I Just Want To Say Igloo Igloo Igloo, I’ve Got a Bad Case of the Sillies Today, WooHoo For Marriage Equality Again, Better Run Out To The Store For Bread And Milk, It Sure Was Funny The Stray Cat Scruffy Who Lives At The Foot Of Our Lawn Didn’t Get Up Until Yesterday At 1:30 PM And Then He Just Stretched And Turned Around And Climbed Back Into His Little House, Kinda Like Everest to a Garden Gnome, Piles of Snow,


And, oh, this friend just got married to her partner of 15 years, on New Years eve.  We had the great honor of being witnesses.  Plus, I got to ring the Tibetan bowl during the ceremony!

I just had to share!

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