boot labelMy feet have been bothering me all year. I thought that it was maybe just me getting old, but my lovely doctor says that it is plantar fasciitis, and that I need to stretch my feet. And I have been stretching my feet. And my feet have been getting slowly yet not entirely better.


You see, I wear work boots to work.

I have worn one hundred and fifty-dollar boots and sixty-dollar boots and twenty-dollar boots. I have worn steel toe boots and waterproof boots and insulated boots and oil resistant boots and men’s boots and women’s boots and farm boots and leather boots and hiking boots and boots that fit a couple of pairs of insulated socks.

Still, on a good year, I completely wear out six pairs of boots. On a bad year, up to ten pairs. There is only a modest difference in wear time between the forty dollar boot and the one hundred forty dollar boot.

waterproof boot

I have been around and around about this before.

I always buy at least two pair of boots at once. Today, I bought two pairs of non-steel-toed hiking boots. They look sturdy, and comfortable. I am always optimistic about the prospect of my new pair of pair of boots.

I try to care for my boots. I waterproof them occasionally. They dry out on most nights.

Still, the soles peel off. The seams split. The leather cracks. The steel toe detaches. The shoe-lace threaders bend. The waterproofing wears out. I wear holes in the soles. Frequently, the big rubber lugs are actually hollow. Once you break through, the soles are finished.

I take a kind of pleasure in how many pairs of boots that I wear out. My co-workers do not demolish nearly so many pairs of boots as I do. I am proud to be a working person. Proud to be a female in a “man’s” job. Proud that I can work circles around my co-workers, with only half of their physical strength. (When I started this job twelve years ago, I realized that I would need to make up for my lack of brute strength by using organization, and my mind.)

I did not ever imagine that I would be in the position of doing physical work. I had always dreamed of being an entertainer, which is what I did through most of my 20’s and 30’s. When that was done, I didn’t know what to do, and just kind of fell into something.

But on many days, I arrive at work, and I love my job. I love being really good at my job. I have thousands of little pieces of knowledge gained by experience, and experimentation. On many days, my job is like a pleasant walk through the park, and my mind is free to do whatever it will.

boot sole

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  1. The butch
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 09:01:24

    Geez, but plantar fasciitis hurts. I’ve had it twice in my life, and both times it lasted well over a year. I have found that putting arch support inserts in all my shoes and boots is a great help.

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    • The Final Rinse
      Sep 21, 2015 @ 09:51:00

      Ouch is right. When my feet were at their worst, the arch supports were useless. But now that they are getting better, I think that the supports will help my heels from becoming glass again.



  2. Jamie Ray
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 17:58:51

    Donna had it and her orthopedist told her to do two things: first to use a rolling pin (put foot on pin and roll it back and forth a few times every day) and to use bedroom slippers (or clogs) when you get out of bed that have a wedge or heel at least 1 inch higher that the platform – that she should not get out of bed barefoot.
    I go through light hikers as if they were made of tissue paper. Then I realized that I get about 500 miles out of each pair, which isn’t bad except that I walk 5 to 8 miles a day. It is an expensive habit.

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    • The Final Rinse
      Sep 21, 2015 @ 21:26:17

      My doctor told me to stick a couple of water bottles in the freezer, then roll those under my feet. Same effect as the rolling pin, on ice.
      We are bare foot people here. After I left the doctor’s office, I was kind of surprised that she didn’t mention wearing something on my feet around the house. I guess that I need to start knitting myself some thick socks. (forget the 1 inch heel)

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  3. Widdershins
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 22:19:09

    You probably have, but anyhoo … have you thought about getting your boots custom made?
    When I was younger I went through shoes at a great rate of knots, I go through the toe and wear out the sole, and one day I thought, ‘f**k it, spend your money on a hand made pair, just once, and see what happens’. They cost a lot more but it was a net gain because they lasted longer and I could get them repaired.

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  4. Lucinda Sans
    Oct 03, 2015 @ 21:54:14

    Was going to ask what are you doing that makes them perish so quickly. Thought of regular wetting. But chemical! Ah, there you go.

    Better the boots than your feet.



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